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French Foreign Legion - Part 2

These series of diorama photos depict a Foreign Legion relief column attacked en route to the Desert Outpost. After their initial surprise in the open desert, the legionnaires retreat to a nearby Oasis to hold off the tribesmen.. Music from Les Miserables: The Barricades.

Out of the desert, tribesmen surprise the Legionnaires en route to the relief of the fort

The officers quickly rally their troops and form ranks of defense

The tribesmen press the attack right up to the legionnaire's bayonets

The legionnaire's hold off another attack but now have decided to retreat to the oasis nearby for a better chance at survival

Retreating to the center of the Oasis, the Legionnaires prepare to defend their perimeter of palm trees

The determined tribesmen attack from all sides

The Legionnaires turn back the last few assaults. Their numbers are too depleted to be much help to the Fort. A courier is sent off into the desert to summon Another relief column!

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