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WWII Skirmish Wargaming

These photos illustrate the modular WWII skirmish Wargaming terrain system being designed by Joe Carvalho. Noted Kriegspiel rulesmeister Peter Fett and his wargaming club members will be designing the rules of play in 2005. The village buildings and modular urban "blocks" were designed by, and the figures painted by Carvalho. The system is designed 1:1 ratio, i.e. one figure represents one soldier, one vehicle represent one vehicle. The entire system is designed for 54mm scale. {Marx, Airfix, Conte, Dragon, Esci, Forces of Valor, and Matchbox figures were used in this system. Vehicles are from Forces of Valor, New Ray, 20th Century, and Tamiya.)

Sturmgeschutze enters the Allied held town.

Snipers man the roof tops

British troops prepare to defend the town

Tank Traps await the armored advance

German Armor invests the town center

Attack and Counterattack ..the ebb and flow of close quarters combat

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